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When you choose Genedco Property Management Ltd, you will be partnering with an experienced and dedicated team. We have a great working relationship with quality experienced, licensed and insured contractors and landscapers. We firmly believe in employing local contractors when possible.

We are visible and respected members of our communities and enjoy a proven track record of integrity and reliability. Whether your property is a multi-unit residential building, a condominium investment property, a condominium corporation, a single family dwelling or commercial property, we take away the workload and worry of protecting your investment.

Listed below are some of the services provided:


Don't burden family and friends while you are away. We can provide you reliable trustworthy inspections.
We can check your home while you are out of town for short or long periods. Whether you are away on a mini vacation or long holiday, winter months for snow birds, business trips or have a vacant home that is for sale or for rent, we can provide services for you.

Based on your specific needs we can provide you with the following services:
Inspect interior, exterior of the home
Ensure heating is on in the winter.
Check and adjust thermostat and HRV system to your needs.
Ensure there are no plumbing leaks.
Ensure windows and doors are secure.
Adjust lighting and window coverings for that "lived in" look
Ensure that appliances are working (fridge and freezer)
Arrange to meet contractors/deliveries if needed
Water plants as directed
Keep a log of all visits
Send reports along with photos if required

2 weeks notice is required to schedule house monitoring. Our agent will arrange to inspect your home and go over your needs with you.
Fees: STARTS at $15.00 per visit depending on location and requirements. Please call to arrange a personal evaluation.



Many insurance policies require regular visits to a property while vacant. We recommend that you check with your insurance broker on the requirements of your policy.


Cancel or put a hold on cable, phone, internet, newspaper and subscriptions
Turn water off (usually mandatory for insurance)
Turn down or turn off hot water tank
Install timers on lights
Let neighbors know that someone will be checking your property.
Check window and door locks
Arrange yard maintenance or snow/ice maintenance (leave salt and shovel for inspector)
Set thermostat low in winter and higher in the summer
Remove food that can attract pests

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